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Unittex India was founded in 1992, and specializes in various covering materials. As a leading supplier of high quality covering materials we are preferred supplier to many leading manufacturers in India.Our company emphasize on quality material, fair price and customer satisfaction. The knowledge and expertise, the precision and quality care of our staff are unsurpassed.

Our marketing department will inform you about latest developments and possibilities at Unittex India. The sales department will understand exactly what you are looking for and guarantee quick and careful delivery.

About our Products

We have broad range of covering material extensively used in several prominent industies like Graphic and Printing Industries, Paper Crafting, Industrial and Technical etc. and in many more industries. Unittex India is premium supplier of imported Binding paper, satin Paper, PVC Coated Paper, Coated Paper, Embossed Paper, Satin Paper, Flock Fabric. Our products in Printing and Packaging, Jewellery Boxes, book Binding, Wedding cards, Tags etc.

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