Unittex India

Unittex India

Best Paper Tag Manufacturer in India

Unittex india is the leading supplier and manufacturer of paper tags material in India. Good quality Paper Tags material is needed by every paper tag manufacturer to produce cost effective paper tag and we as the largest paper tag supplier in India. Get in touch with us for latest design of paper tag material today.

Paper Tags Material Supplier

We offer a broad range of paper tag materials extensively used in prominent industries like Packaging, Graphic and Printing, Paper Crafting and the like. We supply  imported Binding paper, PVC Coated Paper, Coated Paper, Embossed Paper, Satin Paper, Flock Fabric, diary material, luxury packaging material, papers tags material, rigid box material, sweet box material. Our products can be put to multiple applications like Jewellery Boxes, book Binding, Wedding cards, Tags etc. Our products are specialized in Easy pasting, Embossing, Laser cutting, Foil printing, Digital Printing, Screen Printing, etc.

A good quality paper tags material is very important material for a successful paper tags manufacturing. We at Unittex are committed to provide every manufacturer in India quality paper tags material with multiple designs and rigidness. We have paper tags material options ranging from normal to designer paper tags at very good prices. View our samples now and choose the best packaging material manufacturers in India and its states.

About Unittex India

Unittex India was founded in 2002, and specializes in various covering materials. It is one of India’s largest paper tags material supplier for manufacturers in india. Our goal is to connect manufacturers pan-India so they can fulfill the needs/requirements of their products. Our company emphasizes on quality material, fair pricing and customer satisfaction. The knowledge, expertise, precision and quality care of our staff are unsurpassed. Unittex India is currently supplying packaging material to 4000+ manufacturers from across 30+ cities in India.
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How It Works ?

Our aim is to provide you the best quality covering and wrapping material for your products that stand out among the rest. Our marketing department will keep you updated regarding the latest developments and possibilities at Unittex India. Our sales department will understand exactly what you are looking for and guarantee quick as well as careful delivery of both, samples and products. If you find the quality of the samples suitable, you can order in bulk while we ensure its timely delivery.

Unittex Mobile App

Using the Unittex India application, customers can view as well as order the covering material required for their products just at the click of a finger. It offers the facility to see all the category and products we have like PVC coated paper, Coated paper, Book Binding cloth etc. Customer also can filter search as per their requirement. Customers can email their queries, request samples and place orders as well. Customers can buy our products from anywhere and at any time with the application. Unittex India application is so user friendly that it can even be handled by non-tech savvy customers.
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Client Testimonial

Why customers across industries love Unittex India, Hear from them !
Deepa Gupta Salary benchmarking

They are very customer oriented and have proved to have a wealth of expertise in the industry. We are very pleased with the delivered products

I chose ‘Unittex India’ because I simply could not find any other supplier that offered all the material I needed. They have a wide range of quality covering material. I am very happy with their products.

Basant Kumar Product Manager - Tecmicra Solutions

Excellent material! We are a manufacturer of jewellery boxes. Their materials are very suitable for our products. Highly recommended if you are looking for good quality covering material for your products.

Uma Shankar Gupta Product Manager - Web Service Ninjas

They are the best covering material supplier company in India and offer great customer service. I’ve interacted with their Manager more than twice and each time, he provided me quality service as were even my expectations.

Neetu Goutam OSR Trust Team

Very happy with their products. They have a vast variety of colours and texture. I am pleased to be using their material for my products.Highly Recommended to all.

Arjun Kumar Sale & Purchase Dept. - Grassland field fence machine

Good material service! They offer samples for all their products and that too in a very good quality. Before bulk ordering we get samples first.

Paper Tag Material Supplier in India

Unittex India is the leading supplier of paper tag material in all parts of India. Our wide range of covering material includes Book binding cloth, fancy paper, jewellary box material, dairy material , speciality paper, embossed paper, pvc coated paper, flock fabric, photo album material, leather paper supplier, wedding card material, coated paper, book binding paper, satin paper, pu coated paper, luxury packaging material, cardboard boxes material, paper tags material, rigid box, paper tags material supplier and many others. Explore our wide range to choose the best paper tag material for your products.